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Ruukinranta buffet and catering menu
The price incl. water, juice, coffee and tea
Minimum order 250 e/group

Oravi soup 14 e
Fish or elk soup
Bread and butter

Pizza buffet 15 e
Margarita, Otso, Elk

Shepherds pie 20 e
Minced elk meat, vegetables, potatoe
Bread and butter

Oravi buffet 25 e
Karelian hot pot, root vegetables, potatoes
Fish steaks and sour cream sauce
Lingonberries, gherkin
Bread and butter

Robber’s roast 35 e
Slowly cooked lamb and pork, baked vegetables and potatoes
Slightly salted pike-perch and smetana with onion
Bread and butter

Vegan:  Chick pea pasta with nettle pesto - 16 e/portion

+ Salad 5 e
+ Ice cream 5 e
+ Gateau 5 e

Catering fee to the villas price/order:
The catering fee incl. packing and transportation of the food to the villa
To Oravi villas 30 e ,to the Lakeside villas 60 e, to Tallusniemi 90 e
Making the table and washing the dishes 50e

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